For details about the Ryfemax Rife machine, click here
For details about the Ryfemax Mini Rife machine, click here
For details about the Ryfemax Mini Rife machine, click here

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On this website you will find exciting information on Rife products and how these Rife products can put your family's health and well being into your own hands.

Made in Australia from local and o/s components

All Rife frequencies for over 3,500 ailments pre-programmed, search for the ailment and click Run

Safe, Reliable, Simple

How to search for an ailment on the RyfeMax Rife machine

Why is RyfeMax the premium Rife machine?

This is our premium product which which includes the following features :-

    1. Fully portable. You can run the machine while you are walking, doing the shopping or even at work!
    2. 100% Contactless. No straps to connect to, no cylinders to hold on to, no pads to put your feet on, no sticky pads to connect to your body and no plasma tubes that light up your whole room!
    3. Everyone within a 10m range of an operational RyfeMax Air, will receive beneficial Rife frequencies.
    4. The RyfeMax uses the identical radio frequency carrier wave as used by the inventor Dr Royal Rife.
    5. State of the art microprocessor, hi-resolution touch screen and frequency synthesis with an accuracy of 1 part per 20 million.
    6. Includes frequencies for over 3,500 ailments pre-programmed.
    7. Software and frequency tables can be downloaded and updated at any time, so you can always have the latest Rife technology at your fingertips.
    8. Sweep feature. Runs all know Rife frequencies over the course of 5 1/2 hours.
    9. User defined frequency duration.
    10. User defined repeat set of frequencies.
    11. More than 100 user defined favorites, each with up to 10 user defined frequencies.
    12. Search for and select any number of the 3,500 Rife frequency sets, then select "Add to favourites", then run sweep all favorites to continually cycle through your favourites, even after a power interruption.
    13. Program your own favorites, up to 1 million favorite frequencies can be programmed.
    14. Powered by a USB phone charger, USB battery backup or any suitable USB charger that can output 1A or more.

Corona Virus (COVID-19 Wuhan)

With the current world situation of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) at pandemic levels, it is important that you keep your RyfeMax machine up-to-date with the latest software. To update your software, please click here.

To access your serial number, click the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner of your screen, then select Settings. If you do not have a serial number, please email us at to initiate the process. Please include your name and where you purchased your RyfeMax.

There are updated instructions for your RyfeMax machine to deal with symptoms.

We recommend you keep up to date with the latest information from the Australian Government Department of Health website.

According to this website, the symptoms range from fever, shortness of breath and flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and fatigue.

Comparison RyfeMax Air to RyfeMax Mini:

Comparison chart RyfeMax Air RyfeMax Mini
Identical frequencies as Dr Rife’s machine
Identical carrier wave as Dr Rife’s machine
Identical modulation as Dr Rife’s machine
Identical propagated power as Dr Rife’s machine

Frequencies for all 3,500+ ailments pre-loaded

Does NOT connect to your body
Fully portable and mobile
Pocket size
Easy to use

External battery
Internal battery
Battery use before requiring recharging ~24 hours ~15 hours

Stand alone design
Includes a screen
Requires Microsoft P.C. to change settings

What is the RyfeMax Rife machine?

Bacteria, viruses and parasites cause most of today's diseases. In 1934 Dr Rife found and reported that a Rife machine kills the bacteria, viruses and parasites in our bodies. There are over 3,500 ailments that have Rife frequencies associated with them. For a list of ailments click here.

The RyfeMax machine is a Rife machine, not a zapper. As we hold a copy of the original research notes, clinical trials, double blind studies, peer reviews, patient testimonials and circuit diagrams from Dr Rife / Dr Crane (a research fellow of Dr Rife), you can be certain, that our design outputs the identical frequencies / output wave shape as the original Rife machine Dr Rife invented in 1934.

The RyfeMax machine has all 3,500+ ailments pre-programmed with their associated Rife frequencies. RyfeMax technology is designed not only for frequency generation but especially for deep tissue penetration.

The RyfeMax machine is used by a number of Naturopaths in Australia and the United States. It is the professional solution for natural well being, yet the simple solution for you at home too.

How does a Rife machine work?

How to search for an ailment on the RyfeMax Rife machine

In 1934 Dr Royal Rife discovered that all organisms (in fact all things) have a resonant frequency and if an organism was subjected to its unique resonant frequency, it would explode. Dr Royal Rife started on a path to discover the resonant frequency of the bacteria, viruses and parasites that cause most of our diseases. He then went on to invent a machine that could subject the bacteria, viruses and parasites to their resonant frequencies. This machine is commonly known as a Rife machine.

An example of something being destroyed when subjected to its resonant frequency was the collapse of the Broughton suspension bridge that collapsed in 1831 caused by marching soldiers whose footsteps matched exactly the resonant frequency of the bridge. Another example is when an opera singer can shatter a glass using her voice.

Dr Royal Rife (and others) discovered the organisms that are the underlying cause of diseases and the resonant frequency that cause the organisms to be destroyed.

Further research has been carried out by a number of other scientists who have discovered the resonant frequency of many more organisms that are the underlying cause of many of our health issues. Resonant frequencies for over 3,500 diseases have been discovered so far.

Our Rife machine journey

We lived in South America for several years. While in South America, we contracted Amoebas nine times from unsanitary food and water. We were very sick. The medical answer to Amoebas was to take two pills which we called 'Hiroshima' and 'Nagasaki', as they completely cleaned out everything in our stomachs, both good and bad bacteria. After each dose, we were instructed to take a powder called Multi-Flora to re-populate our good gut bacteria. We reasoned that in the long term this could not be doing us any good.

We looked for another solution and came across the claims that a Rife machine would kill the Amoebas. We also found a plethora of information on how Rife machines do not work. I am both an electronics engineer and software developer. There had to be an answer as to whether a Rife machine works or not, and why some machines had great success and others did not. With my engineering background, I researched a number of Rife machines and purchased a Rife Digital Professional, which to this day works very well.

There were a number of features of this particular machine that annoyed us. The fact that there were only 15 programs available was the most annoying. After using the machine for quite some time, we also used it on others to kill their Amoebas and a whole host of other things. Our machine needed a lot more than just 15 frequency groups. Sure we could program them in as we needed them from a very informative book that came with the Rife machine, but it was still an inconvenience.

So I decided to research the original circuit diagram of Dr Royal Rife's machine and construct a similar machine.

We have in our possession a copy of Dr Rife's original research notes from Dr Crane (a research fellow of Dr Rife), provided to us by someone who was a close friend of Dr Crane.

We hold the original research notes, clinical trials, double blind studies, peer reviews, circuit diagrams and patient testimonials from Dr Rife and Dr Crane. Both Dr Crane and Dr Rife contributed to this 1,000+ page document.

These original documents ensure that the beneficial output wave of RyfeMax machine is identical to the one from the Rife machine Dr Rife created.

Also our RyfeMax machine can output the BX & BY Virus frequencies which were critical in Dr Rife's successfully treating Cancer.

The original machine used vacuum tubes, which thankfully I was trained in when I was repairing black and white televisions. Keeping in mind the desire we had for a machine that contained all the known Rife frequencies and since we are in the transistor / integrated circuit / computer age, I redesigned the original Rife machine to more modern day standards.

Our Rife machine, called the RyfeMax uses a 3.5 inch hi-res touch display and 2 microprocessors, one analog and one digital. It has all the known Rife frequencies programmed into it. You simply have to search for the ailment or Rife frequency set you are interested in and click the Run button. No need to mess around searching for and programming in the correct frequencies. Just in case there are new beneficial resonant frequencies discovered, the RyfeMax has the ability to be updated via a download from the internet and the ability for you to program in your own resonant frequencies.

What differences are there in Rife machines?

There are many Rife machines on the market. Some use radio frequency carrier waves of different frequencies and others use no radio frequency carrier wave at all. The original Rife machine created by Dr Royal Rife in 1938 used a radio frequency carrier wave. This carrier wave was modulated with a square wave that was rich in harmonics.

A radio frequency carrier wave is important because the resistance of your body is several million ohms for direct current (similar to what comes out of your car battery), but only 300 ohms - 1,000 ohms for radio frequencies. When you are working with alternating current (similar to what comes out of a power outlet in your home) the A.C. resistance is called impedance. The lower the resistance or impedance, the more current or power goes through your body and the deeper it penetrates. When there is a radio frequency carrier wave, the frequency waves penetrate deep into your body. When the radio frequency carrier wave is absent, the frequency waves only penetrate the surface. So, any Rife machine that does not use a radio frequency carrier wave, will have limited success.

Why not just use a laptop to generate the frequencies?

As an example, let's say that you own a laptop computer, tablet, phone or device with a processor speed of 3 Giga hertz. Rife frequencies are from 0.1 hertz to 1 mega hertz. At 1 mega hertz, even with the most optimized code, at best will give you an accuracy if 1 part in 3,000, because 1 Giga hertz / 1 mega hertz = 3000. So there are 3,000 samples when generating a 1 mega hertz frequency. For a frequency of 1 mega hertz, this relates to an error of plus or minus 333.3 hertz.

The RyfeMax has an accuracy of 0.05 hertz at 1 mega hertz, or put another way, it has an error rate of 1 part in 20 million.

If the laptop computer was to also generate the radio frequency carrier wave which is a sine wave, depending on the design, the error rate may be increased to plus or minus 3,333 hertz.

Are Rife machines safe?

A correctly designed and functioning Rife machine uses frequencies and power levels that are safe to use. We cannot, of course, vouch for machines that are not designed using the principles created by Dr Royal Rife.

Ailments on the RyfeMax

For a complete list of ailments available on the RyfeMax machine click here

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